“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”
– Hans Hoffmann, painter 
True story: I picked up a crayon and never put it down.
It's just that my crayon turned into pencil, which was swapped out with a paintbrush–temporarily replaced by an Etch-A-Sketch–which then morphed into a mouse (the plastic kind), and finally into a computer stylus. But no matter the tool, I simply love to design and continue to practice and perfect my craft every day. 
Where It All Started
My first "real" job, at 19 years old, was the assistant to the Art Director at a boutique graphics & animation studio located in Silicon Valley. There I coordinated–and at times was lucky enough to assist with–the creation of 2D & 3D graphics for clients such as Stanford University, Alza Corporation, and USGS. It was an incredible experience where I "cut my teeth" in the world of design and was mentored on everything from digital graphics/animation to the nuts and bolts of running a small business. I even had the opportunity to design a logo for an internal department of NASA. Now, if that didn't set the bar high for the beginning of my design career, I don't know what could…
Broadcast Career
After completing my A.A. degree in Film/Television at De Anza College, I earned a B.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis in computer graphics and animation from Arizona State University. I dove head first into a broadcast design career, starting at Phoenix's CBS affiliate, KPHO-TV, where I was part of a two-person Art Department responsible for all daily newscast graphics and animations.
After a few years of soaking in the desert sun, I realized that I really missed the San Francisco fog, so I made my way back to my home turf. I continued working in television as the Art Director for the Bay Area's duopoly KNTV (NBC) and KBWB (WB), creating custom news graphics packages, news sets, and show opens while managing two design departments housed in two separate physical locations (San Jose and San Francisco). I was also part of the team that transitioned KNTV from an Independent local ABC station to the Bay Area's NBC affiliate. Special projects included designing the on-air graphics packages for the BAMMIES (Bay Area music awards show) and the San Francisco Pride Parade.
I then relocated to Sacramento's NBC affiliate, KCRA Channel 3, where I wrapped up my broadcast career. While I've closed the book on broadcast design, my demo reel can be viewed here. Admittedly my reel is a few–okay, many–years old, I'm still proud of the work I did in television and continue to use these skills, including 2D animation, presentation/slide design and set/exhibit design.
I transitioned to freelance so I could also fill the position of "MOM" for my newly-formed family. Consulting has allowed me to design for a diverse clientele across a variety of industries, including event, entertainment, hospitality, health and wellness, travel, real estate, lifestyle, and digital healthcare. Whether working for a start-up or an established corporation, I approach every design project with the same amount of passion, enthusiasm, commitment, and attention to detail. (By the way, my son is now a teenager, and still my greatest creation to date.)
Design & Communication Philosophy
Design is communication; it's a visual language. And like any language, it is reciprocal. Many may think of design as only output, but it requires input first. Listening is the first step of any design project. Understanding my client's message is critical to its success. Before even attempting to sketch out an idea, I listen to my client and their message. As the painter, Hans Hoffmann, states, “Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.” Therefore, in order to build the best conduit that is design, the process starts with input.
Designing with a Purpose
Giving back to my community is important to me, and I’ve done so by providing design for non-profits, such as the Down Syndrome Association North Bay and Sonoma County’s Special Olympics. When time allows, my family fosters dogs and puppies for a local rescue.
Future Partnerships
I look forward to collaborating with both old and new clients as I continue on this design journey. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your design project or creative services position, or are interested in working together.

– Jenn

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